"Fermentation is Art" Collection

In this series, we will be commissioning artists to make original pieces of art inspired by the concept of one of our beers.  It is a way for us to showcase the talents of local artists as well as to make sure the outside of the bottle is as beautiful as its contents.

Our second piece is Molly Wallner Morton's The Fox and the Grapes.

Molly Wallner Morton is a graphic designer living and working in Madison, Wisconsin. She works in digital and tangible mediums and enjoys exploring unconventional printing techniques. Her work integrates various styles of typography and different methods of experimenting with type. She designs work that is both literal but often abstract.

Fox and the Grapes was made using hand-cut linoleum stamps. Illustrations were drawn and then transferred onto a linoleum block where they were carved and inked to create the printed pattern of fox and grapes. The pattern and design represent the chaos and confusion of the fox in the fable of the same name. These forces commingle in the fox's mind as he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t want what he can’t have.

Kicking off the series is Amy Swoboda's Dweller on the Threshold.

Amy Swoboda is a mixed media artist who works with found vintage print material. Her work on canvas begins with a collage of actual clippings from magazines, books, and catalogs that date back as far as the 1930s. Often integrating text and using paint to draw focus to certain areas of the canvas, her work puts a modern twist on old ideas and imagery.

Dweller on the Threshold is a combination of thin layers of acrylic paint, vintage paper clippings from a 1938 children’s book and two mid-century Wisconsin Badger yearbooks, and text added through an acrylic transfer process. The piece evokes a feeling of uncertainty, opening a new door to a mysterious unknown while holding onto memories of a happy past and hopeful future.

If you are an artist interested in participating in this collection, contact me for details.


Jo said...

How does one contact you?
I am a neighbor and artist. Welcome to the 'hood.

Levi said...

You can email: FunkFactoryGeuzeria{at}gmail.com

Jesse said...

Where does one find your beer in Madison?

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