September 2, 2018

De Bij

After blending “Four Winters” in the fall of 2017 (our upcoming MT3 blend), we selected three additional barrel, one per year from the same coolship batches as were selected for Four Winters, to blend together to form the base of De Bij. The beer was then refermented with 5 lbs/bbl of apple blossom honey (from Staude’s Apple Blossom Acres in Watertown, WI), before being conditioned in the bottle with more of the same honey for nine months prior to release.

The result embodies the typical complexity of a three-year blend, but also provides a crisp fruity funk and delicate floral honey notes that linger pleasantly on the palate.

Yield: 100 magnums, 426 750mL, 205 375mL

Honey Conditioned Meerts

After three months of fermentation in our 40hL French oak foeders, we conditioned our base Meerts in the bottle with apple blossom honey from Staude’s Apple Blossom Acres in Watertown, WI, which contributes subtle floral and fruity characteristics to the beer.

Note: More will be coming in November.

Yield: 168 bottles, 1 keg

Oude Suiker

For the first release in our “Oude Suiker” series (spirit barrel-aged spontaneous beer), we began with an exceptionally expressive Méthode Traditionnelle barrel that had aged for 30 months. The beer was then transferred into five freshly dumped 10-gallon brandy barrels from Old Sugar Distillery and allowed to rest for an additional year. The small format barrels afforded their contents increased contact with the spirit-soaked oak, which infused notes of vanilla and caramel into the already mature base. Over the course of a year, evaporation in the barrels further concentrated those flavors and intensified the complexity of the beer, giving way to an immensely decadent spontaneous beer.

Yield: 111 750mL, 145 375mL

Release Details: 750mL bottles will be sold to Magnum Club only, and 145 taproom bottles will be available for on-premise consumption beginning the release weekend.

Plum Meerts

After three months of fermentation in our 40hL French oak foeders, we refermented Meerts on over 2 lbs/gal of purple and red plums for an additional six weeks prior to packaging.

Yield: 574 bottles, 6 kegs

July 31, 2018

Frampaars Vintage 2017

This release represents the third iteration of Frampaars, our Méthode Traditionnelle (MT) blend aged on 2 lbs/gal of purple raspberries from a local Wisconsin berry farm. The spontaneous barrels used in this blend were mostly 2x 3-years old, 2x 2-year old, and 1x 1 year old. While blending, we aimed to build the complex flavor profile that’s become a signature of previous Frampaars releases, but also sought out funky barrels to compliment the jamminess of the fruit. The result is a conceptual continuation of prior batches that shares their vibrant fruit-forward nature and funky complexity, but also builds upon their successes by employing the blending experience gleaned from making this beer annually.

Yield: 836 bottles
“2017” indicates the year the beer was blended and the fruit harvest season.

Arnold Palmer Meerts

After three months of fermentation in our 40hL French oak foeders, we steeped Meerts on Macha’s Nilgiri iced tea blend, lemon myrtle, and plenty of fresh lemon zest to capture the flavors of the iced tea-lemonade drink known as an “Arnold Palmer.” The Nilgiri blend Macha chose for us is renowned for its exceptional clarity and intense flavor and aromatics, and although it still ended up turning the beer hazy, it made for a perfect counterpart in this collaboration.

Yield: 599 bottles, 13 kegs

Abrikoos En Hop

For Abrikoos en Hop, we selected a single two-year old spontaneous MT barrel and fermented it on apricots for eight weeks before a light dry-hopping with Nelson Sauvin hops. It bursts with notes of stone fruit, tropical aromas, and herbaceous white wine flavors. This beer was inspired by one of the entries in our Staff Draft competition during Madison Craft Beer Week.

Yield: 139 bottles

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