November 21, 2018


The podcast is silly and lighthearted conversation tipping into insanity at times.  But the premise of Malt Couture is that Alex Kidd, a prominent beer figure, is explaining beer and current happenings to two comedians without any knowledge of beer whatsoever.  While I love to hear Alex Kidd praise our beer, this podcast has stuck with me because of the comments of one of its novice-to-beer members; Michael.

A few weeks ago they drank and discussed our beer, De Bij.  Alex explained what the beer is, what spontaneous fermentation is, what Méthode Traditionnelle is, etc.  Then this was the conversation they had after:
Michael: It's great, I mean, now that you bring up the actual Belgian beer, I want to know what something like these, the other pedigrees, the actual Belgian beers taste like just to get a reference point because, like, I feel like, you know, even just taking this for what it is, it's great.  You know, and like I want to know this style, you know, this "geuze", is it allowed to call itself a geuze? 
Alex: We can call it on this program, but I can guarantee you somebody [will be mad]. 
Michael: This liquid, taken for itself, is fantastic. I mean, it's just one of those things that, now I'm sort of thinking back to myself "am I stupid for liking this knowing that there is something else out there that may be technically better?"  Ya know, no, because it's good. It's good for what it is and there are other styles that attempt to do this and don't get anywhere near it, you know, because they don't really care about origin of it and the heritage of it.

This is what we set out to do.  To create something that pointed people back to traditional Belgian lambic.  It was really cool (and somewhat vindicating if I'm honest) to hear someone wanting to seek out and learn more about this Belgian style because of our beer.  It is my, and everyone who joined Méthode Traditionnelle, hope that the term "lambic" still means something in 20 years.

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