November 1, 2018

Framzwart 2017

Framzwart is our Méthode Traditionnelle (MT) blend aged on 2 lbs/gal of black raspberries from a local Wisconsin berry farm. It was blended using some of the most well-rounded and earthy barrels in our stock to complement the vinous, tannic, and slightly herbaceous characteristics of the black raspberries. The fruit has a naturally rich color which turned the beer deep inky shades of purple and black. After a three month-long fruit maceration and eleven additional months of conditioning in the bottle, we’re excited to finally share this inaugural release of Framzwart, which is built upon the experiences gleaned from previous “Fram” releases, but is also something unmistakably distinct.

Note: Framzwart is made using black raspberries grown here in Wisconsin and is a separate beer than Framzwartje. “Je” is a dimunitive suffix in Dutch intended to reflect the size of the smaller wild black cap raspberries collected by our friends at Forager Brewery in Minnesota for use in Framzwartje.

Yield: 1,684 750mL bottles, 405 375mL bottles, 100 magnums
“2017” indicates the year the beer was blended and the fruit harvest season.

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes is the second installment in our “Barn Quilt” small blend series, and is a fusion of 55% Bière de Coupage Reserve (Bière de Coupage aged for an additional six months in a freshly dumped red wine barrel), 32% Meerts aged on peaches, and 13% Gewurztraminer juice refermented in spontaneous beer. The result is remarkably reminiscent of white sangria and bursts with white wine and tart stone fruit layered over a crisp, but complex, base.

Yield: 369 750mL bottles, 3 30L kegs, 1 20L keg

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