May 8, 2012

Barrel Notes: Day 102

The main point of this update was to check on the pellicle.  As I mentioned in Barrel Notes: Day 60, the pellicle had appeared to be clearing up.

To recap, here is the progression of the pellicle:

Day 17
Day 22
Day 34
Day 60

And now today:
Day 102

It appears that things are starting to develop again on the surface.  I'm still not sure what is going on.  I like that it appears to be forming a pellicle again as I intend to age this barrel for 3 years and a strong pellicle will help cut any O2 exposure in the head space.  I spoke with Vinnie at Russian River before I got home today, so only had the first 4 pictures to go off of.  He had some good things to say, but no real definitive "this is what's going on" answer.  He recommended asking the folks on Babble Belt, so that's what I'll do.  Feel free to read and join in on the conversation over there.

I didn't take a sample out this time, but it smells fantastic...

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