December 8, 2011

Cantillon Turbid Mash

For those of you looking to brew a traditional lambic, I found a "recipe" for Cantillon's Turbid mash.

I've converted it from Metric to English and scaled down to a 10 gallon batch.

                Malt - 9.5 lbs
                Wheat - 5 lbs
1.2 gallons           |
H2O @ 144F -->It takes 15 to 20 min. to
              mix all the grain and H2O.
              This results in mash
              temperature of 113F.
              mash held at 113F for
              10 min.
H2O @ 212F -->In ~6 min. enough H2O (.75 gallons)
              is added to bring the
              mash to 136F
              In ~5 min. 0.4 gallons is
              transferred to kettle #2 ---------------->|
                      |                               0.4 gallons in kettle #2
H2O @ 212F -->In ~10 min. enough H2O (.75 gallons)    is heated.  during
              is added to bring the                   the heating it never
              mash to 149F                            reaches 212F
                      |                                 |
              In ~35 min. 1.6 gallons is                |
              transferred to kettle #2 ---------------->|
                      |                               an additional 1.6 gallons
H2O @ 212F -->In ~10 min. enough H2O (1.3 gallons)    is added to kettle #2
              is added to bring the                   and the heating of this
              mash to 162F                            kettle continues.  it
                      |                               never reaches 212F
              mash held at 162F for                     |
              20 min.                                   |
                      |                                 |
                      +----> first runnings (2 gallons) |
                             to kettle #1.  begin       |
                             heating of this kettle     |
                             for the boil               |
                                                 transfer the contents
                                                 of kettle #2 back to
                      |<-------------------------the mash tun. At this
                      |                          time the contents of
              the mash is now                    this kettle has reached 176F
              at 167F                           
              mash held at 167F for
              20 min.
              recirculate the wort
              in the mash tun to
              sparge with 9 gallons of 185F H2O
              split wort between the
              two kettles as it runs off.
              kettle #1 will contain 8.67 gallons
              total (including the 2 gallons
              previously put there)  kettle #2
              will contain 4.33 gallons total.
              add 3.75 ounces aged hops to kettle #1
              only.  heat both kettles to boiling
              and allow the volume to be reduced
              by nearly 25% to yield a full batch size
              of 10 gallons total between the two
              kettles.  The contents of the two
              kettles are blended together before
              cooling overnight.


Matthieu said...

Hi !
Thank you for the downscaling of the Cantillon recipe !
Could you please tell me how did you calculate the volumes of boiling water to add to reach the 149F and 162F steps ?
I'm trying to calculate these volumes with the palmer's equations, but without success.

Thx in advance !

Levi said...

~1.3 gallons of 212 water.

Chris Zucker said...

Great write up. I'm curious about the cooling over night part.... Is there any reason not to run the wort through my chiller and then pitch my bugs?

Unknown said...

@Chris Zucker
this recipes is used for spontaneous fermentation where the wild bugs are picked up while cooling in a coolship, using a chiller and then pitching bugs would work fine also.

SteveSnow said...

It says you collect 2 gallons of first runnings for kettle 1. My calcs show that there is only 2 gallons of liquid in the mash tun at that point. Wouldn't quite a bit of that 2 gallons be absorbed by the grains?

Mike Hoover said...

I am missing the point of boiling in two kettles. One is hopped, the other is not. Then they are mixing together. Is this to accommodate a smaller kettle set up? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Anyway with help converting this to a 30 gal and 60 gal batch? Im sure it isn't as easy as multiplying by 3 and 6.

any advice is appreciative!


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