January 31, 2012

Barrel Notes: Day 4

It is a much different picture down there than a couple days ago.  The barrel stopped foaming over yesterday, and I've cleaned up the mess.

I didn't expect the small barrel to start fermenting for a week due to the smaller pitch, however, it has already started!  Initially I set it on top a bucket to catch the mess, however, it hasn't threatened to foam over, and considering the shorter fill, I don't expect it.

Even though things look calm from the outside, fear not, there is plenty going on inside.

Wow does it smell good down there!  So far I have smelled pineapple, grape, orange citrus, and that Berliner Weisse lacto bomb.  Not only that, but I haven't picked up any offensive notes.  It's hard to smell the smaller barrel as so much is coming out of the bigger barrel that it over powers the room.  Even when putting my nose close I haven't been able to smell anything unique.  Its far too early to expect to notice any difference due to the different yeast pitched and smaller barrel size, but its something to keep in mind when checking in.

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