January 26, 2012

Final prep before barrel gets filled.

The yeast has arrived:

A box from East Coast Yeast arrived today!  1 liter of "Levi Funk Lambic Blend".

The barrel has been primed:

You can kind of  see a white film on the wood.  That's the Cantillon yeast.

And the 1" siphon has been cleaned:

A 1 inch tube with a shut off valve.  It will be submerged and filled with wort from the bed of a truck outside my house.  Then, closing the valve, I will be able to fish the 20' of tube to the barrel in the basement.  Open the valve and a siphoning action will start and fill the barrel!

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Perka said...

Great blog! Do you know what is in this Lambic blend?

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