December 13, 2013

Lambic Brew Day and Bottle Release

On January 24th, 2014 Funk Factory Geuzeria will be brewing a traditional lambic with O’so Brewing. After 2 years of “practice” and dialing in the Turbid Mash process, we now have a 1,000 gallon capacity Coolship and will be able to spontaneously ferment our Lambic!

To celebrate, we will have 4 limited-release sour and funky beers available for sale at 5:00pm. We invite beer lovers to come watch the coolship filling at the O’so Tap House and pick up these limited bottles. Cheers!

Facebook Event Page
O’so Tap House
3028 Village Park,
Plover, WI

Dweller on the Threshold - 5.25% ABV - Blended American Sour - 450 bottles
Artwork for this label was done by Amy Swoboda and kicks off our "Fermentation is Art" series. In this series we will commission artists to create original pieces of art inspired by the concept of the beer. Amy is a Cincinnati artist and will be at the release selling 25 signed and numbered prints of the original artwork. First come first serve. Proceeds from this bottle will help Funk Factory pay for the coolship. Thank you for your support!

Sikaru - 12.75% ABV - American Sour with Dates - 430 bottles

Scarlet Letter - 5.5% ABV - Cranberry Sour Blonde - 360 bottles

Winds of Change - 5.5% ABV - American Pale Ale with Brett - 3,000 bottles


graymoment said...

I'd love to get my hands on a bottle of each of these, if anyone is open to trading.

Jeffrey Crane said...

Awesome. Congrats on the release. Any chance you can share more about your turbid mash process and why you think it's needed?

Levi said...

@Jeffrey - The short answer is that a turbid mash provides the long chain starch sugars that provide long-term food for the microbes as it matures in the barrel.

Here are a couple good write-ups on turbid mash:

As for our process, we follow the Cantillon recipe/procedure:

James Corrado said...

I hope some of those smaller bottle counts will still be avaible on Saturday I'd love to try all of these.

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