December 5, 2014

Lambic Brew Day, Coolship Party, and Bottle Release!

On January 23th, 2015 we will be brewing a traditional lambic with O’so Brewing. The Coolship Party party kicks off in the evening when we open up the brewery to the public. Our coolship (a large open vessel used to draw wild yeast and bacteria into the beer) will be filled with the lambic wort brewed that day. Everyone's invited to see and experience this unique coolship process!

To celebrate, we will release 3 limited-quantity lambic-style beers for purchase. This year, fans will be able to reserve bottles online through Brown Paper Ticket starting at Noon, Dec 10th.

Facebook Event Page

O’so Tap House
3028 Village Park,
Plover, WI

The Fox and the Grapes – 5.5% ABV – Lambic-style beer with Foch Grapes

Artwork done by Molly Wallner Morton. This is our second label in the Fermentation is Art series, where we collaborate with local artists. Molly will be in attendance at the party, with signed and numbered prints of the original artwork for sale. The artwork is available first come, first served

Framrood – 5.5% ABV – Lambic-style beer with Red Raspberries

Door Kriek – 5.5% ABV – Lambic-style beer with Door County Tart Cherries


Josh said...

Hi Levi,

I just received a few of your bottled beers which I am very excited and intruiged to try. I had a couple questions for you about these beers just because it helps me get enjoyment out of a beer, and properly taste it, when I better understand how it was made.

Dweller on the Threshold: according to the label this was barre fermented, I was wondering if it was "open fermented" in barrels where it was exposed to the ambient air and subsequent yeast/microflora - or was it transfered to barrels and innoculated in a controlled manner with a mixed culture you had already created?

Door Kriek & Framrod: could you elaborate on the base beer for these two bottles? Is it the same beer that was brewed for Dweller on the Threshold or was it another brew day? Also, is the base beer for these two bottles a "straight" unblended lambic-style beer or did you make a blend and then age that blend on the fruit?

Really appreciate your insight and thank you in advance for looking at my questions. I am looking forward to sharing these beers with friends very soon!

Levi said...

Door Kriek and Framrood were blends of barrels aged 18-24 months, and then aged on fruit.

Dweller on the Threshold was from our first batch which we pitched yeast, everything after that has been spontaneous with our coolship.

Josh said...

Awesome thanks!

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