July 31, 2018

Frampaars Vintage 2017

This release represents the third iteration of Frampaars, our M├ęthode Traditionnelle (MT) blend aged on 2 lbs/gal of purple raspberries from a local Wisconsin berry farm. The spontaneous barrels used in this blend were mostly 2x 3-years old, 2x 2-year old, and 1x 1 year old. While blending, we aimed to build the complex flavor profile that’s become a signature of previous Frampaars releases, but also sought out funky barrels to compliment the jamminess of the fruit. The result is a conceptual continuation of prior batches that shares their vibrant fruit-forward nature and funky complexity, but also builds upon their successes by employing the blending experience gleaned from making this beer annually.

Yield: 836 bottles
“2017” indicates the year the beer was blended and the fruit harvest season.

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