January 18, 2012


Sikaru was brewed thousands of years ago by one of the oldest known civilizations; the Sumerians.  Like Lambic, Sikaru was spontaneously fermented, and brewed with a ratio of 35% wheat and 65% barley. In one writting, "A hymn to Ninkasi" (Ninkasi is their goddess of beer), the brewing process is outlined.  A "beer dough" and malts were mixed together in pots of water and heated [Mash], then poured [Wort] through large reed mats to strain [Lauter] and cool [Coolship].  Ninkasi (goddess of beer) would then ferment [Spontaneous Fermentation] it into beer.  It was then filtered and then put in large storage vats.  Its incredible how similar that is to the Lambic brewing process.  It was also commonly sweetened with dates and honey.

One difference you may notice is that they didn't use hops, but the hops used in Lambic are aged long enough to lose its flavor, and therefor only a preservative. I think I will have to try making a small batch of lambic with dates and honey and call it Sikaru.  (Update: Sikaru is in the barrel)

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