March 1, 2012

Barrel Notes: Day 34

Checking in on the pellicle again.  Here is how it looks:

Comparing that to the previous picture, the pellicle has gotten denser over the last couple weeks.  The aroma hasn't changed much, but I am getting a bit of an almost tropical fruitiness.  Still very funky and still quite a bit of lacto.  It's encouraging to have a wide range of aromas already.


Melissa Naasko said...

I followed you over from your comment at my own blog. What a fantastic blog you have! My husband is a brewer but has always stuck to the easier and more predictable carboys. He has some very old 5 gallon ones from the days of Prohibition. I will definitely have to pass on this link to him and his brewing friends.

Levi said...

Thats great! I hope you enjoy it and hopefully learn a bit about lambics. Check out the "Worthy Resources" linked on the side, and feel free to ask any questions. When you're done, maybe you can re-write your "lambic 101" post, deal?

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