June 17, 2013

Brett Strain Guide

Brandon at EmbraceTheFunk.com and I have put together this Guide for all of the brett strains we know of out there.  As new strains come out, we will be updating the list.  A big thank you to Al Buck at East Coast Yeast for helping with much of the taxonomy and history of the strains.

Hopefully this helps clear the confusion out there about the different strains and their relationship to each other.


graymoment said...

Nice list. So Al helped put together the list, but his are the strains without aroma descriptions? :-)

Humleriket said...

Any more information from which beer B. intermedius came from?

sweetcell said...

Dr. Pepper has brett in it??? that doesn't make sense to me. wouldn't the brett ferment the sugar in the can?

Levi said...


Haha, no. Dr. Pepper doesn't have Brett in it. I assume a batch Dr. Pepper spoiled and this was found when they looked for the cause. I believe it was isolated back in the 80's.

Douglas said...

Are flavor/aroma descriptors based on primary fermentation or secondary?

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